Activities in the surroundings of Camping Saint Clair

The camping site – situated between Moustiers Sainte Marie and the lake of Sainte Croix, at the entry of the Verdon Gorge, is the perfect starting point for the many activities the region offers.

Activities at, in or above the water

Beside the great bathing and swimming areas, the lake of Sainte Croix offers a lot of activities around the water. The first access to the lake with a nice beach is only 2.5 kilometres away, so easily accessible by foot, with a bike or car. Only a few hundred meters away you find a place where you can rent sailing boats, catamarans, pedal boats or canoes.

Pedal boats or canoes are perfect for discovering the entrance of the Verdon Gorge with the whole family. Due to the depth of the lake the current is very moderate and allows to travel up the river for a few kilometres.

Alongside the Verdon, there are several water sports like rafting, kayak, “Hydro-speed” or water-walks.


You will find plenty of hiking tours with very varying levels of difficulty in the canyon, at the riverside and above, always surrounded by the stunning scenery (Hiking trails Martel “Sentier Blanc-Martel”, “Sentier de l’Imbut”, “Sentier du Bastidon”,…).

The trails down in the canyon often more difficult with rough paths and require a certain level of fitness – it is not recommended to do the trails down in the canyon with young children.

Smaller hiking paths are great for an expedition with the family, to discover the Verdon and Moustiers : “Sentier Botanique de Tréguier” , “Sentier des Claux” (Moustiers Sainte-Marie), “Sentier du Roc(Castellane), “Sentier des Basses Gorges” (Quinson) are great for an expedition with the family, to discover the Verdon and Moustiers.


The Verdon Gorge is a paradise for climbers. Quickly one finds the prepared and recommended climbing paths and like-minded people.

For those who like a bit more action, canyoning is the right way to discover the river Verdon.

The region around Moustiers is very famous for parachuting. Local parachuting schools offer lessons on how to fly and also tandem flights with a professional, so people without experience can enjoy the heights without high risk – a little courage is required.


Many tours with different levels of difficulty can be started from Moustiers, on the roads or offroad, alone or accompanied by a guide.

Horse riding

The closest center of horse riding is situated in Les Salles sur Verdon, about 10 kilometres away, and offers several tours for riding on the nice trails around the lake of Sainte Croix.

At night

During the summer perdiod, there is always something happening in Moustiers and around. Night markets, balls, concerts, open-air cinema and much more.